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Dr Sohom Das

Dr Sohom Das (MBChB, BSc, MSc, MRCPsych) is Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist who lives and works in London. This niche specialism involves the crossroads of offending and severe mental illness. In his role, Dr Das assesses, treats and rehabilitates mentally disordered offenders (or who the tabloids might call ‘the criminally insane’).  


Dr Das is also an experienced expert witness, who regularly provides evidence to the criminal trials about defendants who have a range of mental illnesses. He assesses individuals in courts, in prisons and in special secure psychiatric units that are reserved for the most dangerous and violent mentally ill patients. 


His subjects typically assault, rob, stab, set fires and rape. Some kill. They suffer a range of mental illnesses from schizophrenia, to Bipolar Affective Disorder to Anti-Social Personality Disorder and psychopathy. Their crimes are often driven by paranoia, delusions of grandeur and hearing voices.  


The doc regularly appears in the media. He provides a range of content for TV shows - from brief sound-bites and thoughts, to in-depth opinion pieces on issues related to mental health, criminality and the overlap of the two areas. He has been featured on daytime TV (including ITV’s This Morning, BBC One’s Morning Live, Steph’s Packed Lunch), News shows (GB News) numerous documentaries (including about Broadmoor Hospital and Belmarsh Prison) and newspapers (iPaper and the Metro). 


He is also a YouTuber, author, and failed stand-up comic! He’s even battle-rapped (and won) against another doctor in front of a live studio audience, for a hip-hop game show.

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