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IN TWO MINDS; Stories of murder, justice and recovery from a forensic psychiatrist 

‘The vast majority of psychiatric patients are not violent. The vast majority of violent offenders are not mentally ill. But when the two worlds collide, the results can be catastrophic.’ 

As a forensic psychiatrist, it's Dr Das's job to treat and rehabilitate what some call the 'criminally insane', many of whom assault, rob, rape, and even kill. His work takes him to high-security prisons and securely locked hospital wards across the country, as well as inside courtrooms giving evidence as an expert witness. 

From the young woman who smothered her two-year-old nephew in a flash of psychosis, to the teenager who set his house on fire with his mother locked inside, Dr Das must delve into the minds of these violent offenders to elicit their symptoms of mental illness, understand their actions and prevent future atrocities. 

In this honest, revealing and at times humorous memoir, Dr Das shares stories from his fifteen years as a psychiatric doctor working with this dangerous clientele, detailing some of his most extreme, heart-breaking and bizarre cases – and how he's learned to live with his mistakes when the worst happens. 


Compelling, enlightening and candid, IN TWO MINDS encapsulates true crime, mental health, psychology and the criminal justice system; for fans of Unnatural Causes, Dark Side of the Mind or The Prison Doctor.


‘You will want to spend time with Dr Sohom Das – he’s witty, insightful, humble and humane’ 

Professor David Wilson, author of My Life with Murderers 




Awards and accolades

In Two Minds; Stories of murder, justice and recovery from a forensic psychiatrist (audiobook version) has been featured on ITV's This Morning. It is also been nominated for best audiobook for the 'True Crime Awards, UK, 2023.

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